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I am a Norwegian painter and my work focus on the subject of Nature, with themes like; the forest floor and natural elements, rockslides and dramatic landscapes. My art practice is heavily influenced by time spent immersed in nature, also being a way of escaping the noice of urban life.


Colour is an important element in my work; the bright turquoise, orange or pink creates a vividness that is in tension with the more naturalistic colours of the observed landscape.


The titles of my work, for example Bare is/Only Ice, may suggest that nature is not only what we see with the naked eye, but also the «micro-macro» state of nature; the small components, the interaction between the parts and the whole of a system. 


The series Rasets Estetikk/The Aesthetics of the Rock slide is about the dramatic nature of Western Norway. Rockslides and avalanches have always been a concern and has been a natural part of life, but the hassards are increasing due to climate change.


As a Norwegian artist, working with nature as a subjectmatter, implicates an awareness of the context of Art history, The Norwegian sense of identity linked to notions of the character of the Norwegian landscape is always present. 

I have exhibited both nationally and internationally at The Museum voor Moderne Kunst in Arnhem, Domus Artium in Salamanca, Spain, Høstutstillingen in Oslo, Vestlandsutstillingen at Kabuso, Øystese, Kongsberg Art Association, Kunstgarasjen Art Gallery in Bergen. 

I sell my artwork through Kunstgarasjen; and Atelie: Please contact them or mail me.

(See mail address on the bottom of the page).

Coming up!

    Immersed in the Green Light 

  Soloshow at Galleri Christinegaard,

  Bergen 21 January - 12 February 2023.



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