I work and live in Western Norway. I graduated from Central St.Martins College of Art and Design, London UK in 1999 with BA Honers in Fine Art. I have also studied Film and Media, Art History and History of Religion at The University of Bergen and Oslo, Norway. My work consists mainly of painting, drawing and video on the subject of Nature. Nature still is an important subject matter in Art today, especially concerning environmental issues. In Western Norway, Rockslides and Avalanches have always been a concern and has been a natural part of life, but the hassards are increasing due to climate change. Every day there are articles and images in media about rockslides and avalanches. This triggered me to deal with it, using paint as a medium. I am also interested in what happens the moment one has an encounter with nature -and how the impressions of this encounter can be transformed into an artistic expression. 

I have exhibited both nationally and internationally at The Museum voor Moderne Kunst in Arnhem, Domus Artium in Salamanca, Spain, Høstutstillingen in Oslo, Vestlandsutstillingen at Kabuso, Øystese, Kongsberg Art Association, Kunstgarasjen Art Gallery in Bergen. 

I sell my artwork through Kunstgarasjen; kunstgarasjen.no and atelier.as . Please contact them or mail me. (See mail address on the bottom of the page).

This homepage is divided into painting/drawing projects and exhibitions. Enjoy!