Born 1972 in Gotheburgh, Sweden

Lives and work in Bergen, Norway



2006 Practical Pedagogical Education Bergen University College

2002 Film and Television Production at The University of Bergen

1998 St Martins College of Art and Design, BA, England

1995 Foundation Course The Art School In Rogaland

1993 Art History, University of Bergen


Solo Exhibitions

2018 Satellite Project / Kunstgarasjen at Opus XVI, Bergen

2013 UNI Rokkansenter Bergen

2012 Kongsberg Art Association


Selected Group Exhibitions

2020 Christmas Exhibition Kunstgarasjen, Bergen

2020 Member Exhibition Kunstgarasjen, Bergen

2019 Anniversary exhibition BAG 10 years The exhibition room USF, Bergen

2019 World Collage Day, Kiosken, Bergen

2019 Member Exhibition, Kunstgarasjen, Bergen

2018 Member Exhibition, Kunstgarasjen, Bergen

2017 The Project Room and Collected Works, Kunstgarasjen, Bergen

2017 Art + Folk Art Market, Bergen

2016 Member Exhibition, Kunstgarasjen, Bergen

2014 Untitled 14, Galleri s.e, Bergen

2012 65 Paintings at Bergen Kjøtt

2012 Vestlandsutstillingen/The West Coast Exhibition, Traveling Exhibition in Norway

2011 Traveling Exhibition in Hardanger. Gallery Bergslien Eidfjord

2011 Hardanger in 100 - Artists to and from Hardanger, Utne Museum

2011 The End of History, Domus Artium, Salamanca, Spain

2011 The End of History, Museum of Modern Art Arnhem, The Netherlands

2010 Foyer Exhibition Kabuso, Øystese

2009 Hardanger Kunstsenter, Nordheimsund

2008 Portrait Exhibition, Gallery Voss, Voss

2007 Høstutstillingen/The Annual Autumn Exhibition, Oslo

Collections and Public Commisions

2021 Bergen Municipality, Kindergarden.

2018 Bergen Municipality, Siljuslåtten Nursing Home.

2014/2017 Production of an exhibition at the University Museum in Bergen.

2013 UNI Rokkansenter, University of Bergen.

2010 Hardington Poster.

2009 Portrait of Jens Stoltenberg purchased by AP Hordaland.

2009 Decoration of the entrance to Kunstnarhuset Messen, Ålvik.

2007 Kristen Sveaa's private Art Collection, Kistefos AS.


2011 OCA International Support.

2010 Bergen Municipality's Exhibition Support.

2006 Bergen Municipality's Establishment Scholarship for Younger Artists.


Selected Projects

2008-2010 Host of Artist in Residence AIR in Ålvik, and Artist in residence in Berlin, AIR.




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